Inspire, empower, and elevate all students

Listen to all students and families with empathy and understanding to learn their definitions of and requirements for success, then determine how School Board governance and policy can remove barriers and empower students, creating an environment that allows each to be themselves and inspire life-long learners.

Recognize and appreciate our valuable teachers and staff

Closely aligned with inspiring and empowering students is the need to focus on those who educate our children on a daily basis.  We must engage our teachers and staff to learn about what is working in the classroom and curriculum, as well as opportunities for improvement. Unprecedented global employee attrition, turnover, the “Great Resignation”, and emerging from a pandemic require all organizations to innovatively find ways to appreciate and retain talent.  Collaboration with and caring for our teachers and staff will directly benefit our students.

Spend wisely 

Projected District growth rates, rising costs, forecasted annual expenditures over $270 million, individual program funding challenges, a new elementary school, and source funding uncertainties are just a few of the reasons continuous focus must be placed on being good stewards of limited resources.  Much like our personal budgets, District resources are finite.  We must always make the best decisions on how our taxpayer dollars can be best used to directly impact student success.

Prepared and paid for by the Campaign Fund for Andy Lundblad for ISD 194 School Board, PO Box 404, Lakeville, MN, 55044